We are sorry but the Voltalinux linux distribution is discontinued.
If you wish to run Voltalinux by yourself we suggest voltalinux-project

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About Voltalinux

Voltalinux is a GNU/Linux distribution based on Slackware Linux and the pkgsrc package system from NetBSD.
The two pieces of software put together give you great power.

Great availability of software for a strong and solid distribution as Linux Slackware. The pkgsrc is already available to the linux user.
Now this project want to offer a prebuilt distribution with those feature readily available. Any user can enjoy the clean design of slackware with the availability of about 5400 ports (real ports) ready to be installed.
In minutes you can have running software such as postfix or courier, imap, qmail and so on.

The advantage is that mantaining only few quantity of pieces it is possible to have a complete operating system (thanks to the existing work of many other, of course !!!)

The distribution is mainly intended for server use but you can do what you want.

Here are some key features of "Voltalinux":
· is Slackware 100% compatible, whatever is done for slack work also on Voltalinux !!!
· you don't have to compile anything to have a working system (in about half an hour you have a base system)
· you have many prebuilt kernels
· more than 5400 ports ready to be used.

· 486 processor or newer
· 32 MB of ram
· about 400 MB of free disk space (for the base system, more if you will build your packages)

Download release 2.0

Download release 2.2 Beta and buggy


2009-03-11 a Beta relese (2.2) is released codename (Codename Civitavecchia)

2008-06-11 Voltalinux 2.1 has been released View (codename Livorno)
As expetctable, after the big Pat released the Slackware 12.1 the voltalinux (10 time less famous) is out: release is now 2.1 (codename is Livorno) It benefits of the new features of slackware: http and ftp install, new kernel, install on LVM and RAID, etc Also comes the benefits from the new features of the pkgsrc port system versione 2008Q1: upgraded packages and a better management system. Voltalinux comes, as usual, with more then 150 packages (compiled with the pkgsrc port system) intended for server use such as: postfix, exim, dovecot, clamav, pure-ftpd, bftpd, squid, mysql, postgresql, bind, maradns, etc.

2008-01-14 Voltalinux 2.0 is available View (codename Viareggio)
Voltalinux 2.0 is out. Voltalinux 2.0 is based on the 2.6.21 kernel, Slackware 12.0, and pkgsrc-2007Q3. The big new feature is the installer. 120 packages ready to be installed (even those for Slackware 12.0). Like all the previous releases, Voltalinux 2.0 has no graphical user interface and is more server oriented as most of the packages are for server use. These include Postfix, Dovecot, SpamAssassin, Pure-FTPd, MySQL, Hylafax, Quagga, Exim, MaraDNS and many more.

2007-02-07 Voltalinux 1.1 has been released now View (codename La Spezia)

2006-06-09 Voltalinux 1.0 has been released now View (codename Genova)

2005-10-22 Voltalinux 1.0 has been released now View (codename Savona)

2005-05-25 Voltalinux 1.0 has been released now View (codename Imperia)